First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


Narcissists are predators of human kindness. They choose their victims based on everything they themselves are lacking. They are mentally ill individuals that lack the basic qualities and traits that make up a human. They feed off of “normal people” to get their weak needs met. These needs could be food, clothing, shelter, or sex. Many can be referred to as HOBOSEXUALS. They move from woman to woman or man to man to get their selfish needs met. They DO NOT CARE ABOUT ANYONE’S FEELINGS BUT THEIR OWN. And once they have deemed that you have met the needs that they wanted to use you for in the first place they move on in rapid succession.




Author: narcissisticrelationshiprecovery11

I'm a survivor of a narcissist . I, like many of you find the best help has been from fellow survivors. I started this blog to help others and myself.

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